Here at, there are easy-to-read guitar diagrams for scales and chords as well as guitar lessons with no sheet music at all.  Great for beginners and experienced guitarists alike, these training materials should help anyone on their journey to guitar theory mastery!

All of the products can be purchased and downloaded at the Store.


“Guitar String Logic”

“Guitar String Logic” by Skysun Stambaugh is an E-book of 20 guitar lessons complete with diagrams and examples.  The book spans 5 of the most important major keys of the guitar. I also teach you practical chord progressions and variations with easy-to-read diagrams.  This E-book is over 100 pages filled with text, diagrams, and specific examples that will teach you what you need to know so you can turn on the radio and figure out 1000s of songs on your own!  And for the aspiring songwriter, there’s plenty in my E-book for you, too!


Guitar String Logic II

Guitar String Logic II

You can pick up “Guitar String Logic” for only $20.00 at the Store .


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Advanced Guitar Lessons

These guitar lessons dive even deeper into music theory and are specifically designed to help take your understanding of music theory to the next level!  A basic understanding of music theory, including scales, chords, and common chord progressions, is recommended.  My advanced lessons cover suspended chords, major 6th chords, major 7th chords, and even dominant 7th chords.  Each lesson teaches you the chords with diagrams that I specifically made for each lesson. Once the chords are covered, then I include examples of how the chords are used in music so that you will understand when to use them!  If you are a beginner, I recommend downloading my beginner/intermediate lesson book “Guitar String Logic”, first.


Every guitarist should have scale diagrams and chord diagrams to use when learning and writing songs.  These diagrams are simplified, with no roman numerals to confuse the beginner, but also have plenty of useful information for experienced players.



The Guitar Scale and Chord Pack

This pack of guitar scales and chords includes 5 sets of diagrams.  The diagrams I make are very simple, without roman numerals, and you can see a larger portion of the guitar, which makes learning the scales and chords easier.  I made this pack so that the most common chords and scales are all in one place, rather than having to go through obscure chords like most guitar chord books.  Many chords are also playable anywhere on the guitar, too.

The scales diagrams show an entire octave on the guitar, and all of the notes that are in the scale.  Each fret number is also labeled on the left.

Scale Diagram Example

Scale Diagram Example

The Chord Diagrams cover 2 different fingerings of chords, the fret numbers are to the left, and which finger to use is on the right of each diagram.


Chord Diagram Example

This large collection of easy-to-read guitar diagrams comes with all 5 sets below…


Level 1: Guitar Major Scales and Chords

This package of guitar diagrams includes the most important scales and chords on the guitar.  Every major scale and many common major chords are included in this perfect set for beginners.

Level 2: Guitar Minor Scales and Chords

This package should be the next step on your journey to guitar theory mastery.  This package includes all of the minor scales on the guitar and many common minor chords. Minor scales and chords are about as common as major scales and chords in contemporary music.

Level 3: Guitar Suspended 2nd and 4th Chords

This package covers many common suspended 2nd chords and suspended 4th chords on the guitar.  These chords make music much more interesting and add more depth to your playing.  This set includes the most common suspended chords…

Asus2, Bsus2, Csus2, Dsus2, Esus2, Fsus2, and Gsus2 chords and

Asus4, Bsus4, Csus4, Dsus4, Esus4, Fsus4, and Gsus4 chords.

You get two of each type of chord so you can choose whichever one is appropriate for any given song.  That’s a total of 28 of the most common suspended guitar chords!

Level 4: Guitar Major 6th Chords

This package includes common Major 6th Chords on the guitar.  These chords occur in blues music, but they can be used in any genre of music.  With this set, you get…

A6, B6, C6, D6, E6, F6, and G6 chords…and you get 2 of each!

Level 5: Major 7th Chords

This package of guitar chords includes many common major 7th chords on the guitar.

The set comes with…

Amaj7, Bmaj, Cmaj7, Dmaj7, Emaj7, Fmaj7, and Gmaj7 chords….and you get 2 of each!



All products can be purchased and downloaded from the Store.


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