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Also, if you use Studio One, you may be interested in a preset pack that I made for myself, and others.


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Preset Pack

The Great Halls Preset Pack is made up of 25 different sized halls.  Sizes of the halls range from 100 square meters to a whopping 7,000 square meters!  There are plenty of reverb presets specifically created for Studio One’s Room Reverb. Quickly toggle through all of the presets to find the right sized hall for your tracks!  No preset is perfect for any situation, but these presets can give anyone a good starting point and then you can tweak it just right for any song!  I made these to save myself time when producing music and I’m making them available for others, too!

With 25 great halls to choose from…all with 3 different reverb times to choose from for each hall, you’re sure to find the Great Halls Preset Pack useful in your mixes!  :)

75 Optimal Hall presets for Studio One

Note: These presets are made for sends, so you can create a send, set the send level, and then just blend it in with the dry tracks!  And if you want to use any of these presets as an insert, you can just turn the mix level down.

Instructions after downloading:

1. Unzip the file and put all of the presets into Documents>Studio One>Presets>Presonus>Room Reverb.

2. Enjoy all 75 Great Hall presets in Studio One’s native Room Reverb plugin!



I’ve read a lot of books this year on mixing and I would recommend my favorite,

“Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices, and Tools” by Roey Izhaki.

Roey Izhaki lectures at SAE Institute in London and he’s been mixing since about 20 years ago.

You can even check out the website for the book at

I’d also recommend “Mastering Audio: The Art and the Science” by Bob Katz.

But if you want to be taught by video lessons, by a pro with a degree, with real mixes, I recommend another website.

You can follow the link below to see a video and check it out.  If you choose to join Mix Lessons, I may get a commission.

Click Here!





You can post suggestions for new tutorials below.  Thanks.


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