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These products are for all guitarists, but should benefit lead guitarists and bass players the most.  If you play lead guitar, you can pick one of the diagrams and write a solo without sheet music.  If you play the bass, you can pick one out and come up with a bass line very quickly without music notation.  These diagrams are pentatonic scale diagrams and have been created to save musicians time.  I have grouped them together so that you can get each set of 17 for $2.00.  With all of the pentatonic scales, any musician should be able to come up with solid bass lines and guitar solos quickly.  These products should save both songwriters and bands time when creating songs.  Download today.

Set of all 17 Major Pentatonic Scale Diagrams.

$2.00, for all 17 Major Pentatonic Scale Diagrams


The Minor Pentatonic Scales are essentially the same as the diagrams above, but they can be useful for understanding the relationship between major and natural minor scales.  I recommend buying at least the Major Pentatonic Scale Diagrams above, but if you would also like the Minor Pentatonic Scale Diagrams, you can buy them below.

Set of all 17 Minor Pentatonic Scale Diagrams.

$2.00, for all 17 Minor Pentatonic Scale Diagrams


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