In the Studio.  5-2013.

In the Studio. 5-2013.

My name is Skysun Stambaugh (pronounced “Stambaw”), but most folks just call me Sky.  I’m a musician with over a decade of experience playing the piano and guitar.  Just recently, I decided to take on the mandolin!  I have created this website after reading many books on music theory, and after writing many songs of my own.  I have also submitted a patent application for a new method of teaching music theory that doesn’t involve any sheet music whatsoever!

www.logicofmusic.com has learning aids for both learning and creating music.  There are  diagrams that cover major scales and chords.  But the diagrams here have more information than many other diagrams on the web.  What frets are involved in a chord?  What fingers should you use?  What notes make up each chord?  What strings should be strummed? All of that information is provided with the chord diagrams at logicofmusic.com.  There are also diagrams that cover other common scales and chords on the site.  You may want to go to Build-a-Chord if you’ve already got the basics down and want more creative freedom!

I also offer a comprehensive 20-lesson book on the guitar called “Guitar String Logic” that even has practice songs to get you playing and understanding all this stuff, including the 145 stuff, specifically when it comes to the guitar.  “Guitar String Logic” should teach anyone exactly how the guitar and music theory relate to one another.  It can help beginners learn how to figure out songs with confidence.  And if you’re an aspiring songwriter, the book also covers enough about music theory and the guitar so that you can learn how to write songs, too!


This website has many products that encompass, in my opinion, the most practical concepts of music theory.  There is more to come in the future so you can sign up to the Newsletter for updates and even special offers on stuff at the website!  I truly hope a patent on my method is allowed soon so that musicians everywhere will have an even better way to learn and create music!  Thanks for visiting logicofmusic.com.

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